2016 HDD Academy Topics Include:

Pre-Construction, Design, and Material Selection:
• Designing an HDD Project for HDPE Pipe
• HDPE, Properties of Fusible PVC® Pipe, and Steel Pipe Installation Case Studies
• Design an HDD Project for Steel Pipe
• Calculating Frac-Outs
• Productivity Tools for HDD
• Vacuum Excavating Best Practices
• Properties of Fusible PVC® Pipe
• Properties of Restrained Joint Ductile
Iron Pipe
• Estimating an HDD Project

Construction and Operations:
• Drill Fluid Selection
• Testing of Drilling Fluid Properties
• Environmental Considerations of Drilling Fluids
• Recycling of Drilling Fluids
• Direct Pipe HDD Installations
• Tooling Efficiency
• Walkover Locating and Real-time Fluid Pressure Monitoring
• Non-Walkover Locating and Intercept Bores

HDD in an Urban Environment- Lessons Learned:
• Damage Prevention Measures
• Installation Case Studies: Water Pipelines, Gas Distribution Systems, On-Grade Sewer Pipelines, Telecommunication/Electrical Cables