Clint Pitman, Drilling Mud Direct
Clint Pitman, President and Founder of Drilling Mud Direct (DMD), is an HDD industry veteran with over 25 years experience in the Drilling Fluids Industry.  Clint founded DMD in 2002 with the goal of making drilling mud supply as cost effective as possible – 20 years later DMD is an industry leader.  In addition to drilling mud/bentonite DMD also supplies drilling fluid additives, slurry solidification, replacement shaker screens and jobsite mud engineers. Clint graduated from the University of Arizona in 1990 and started his career in Washington DC, then started in the drilling fluids industry in 1994.  Before starting DMD in 2002 he worked at M-I Swaco and Inrock.  Clint lives in Colorado, where DMD is headquartered, and enjoys golf, snowboarding, hiking, biking and all things Colorado. 


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